BETOFF is a modern concrete remover for cleaning construction machines, renovation tools, scaffolding,
formwork, concrete mixer, paving stones and with BETOFF-BIO also all kinds of sensitive surfaces such as
glass and car paint!

With BETOFF you can remove concrete/cement from metal sheets, as well as from delicate and fragile
surfaces, car bodywork, steel, plastic, rubber, aluminium, zinc, wooden floors, glass panels, etc.


BETOFF-Bio – safe for painted surfaces, car body, steel, plastic, rubber, aluminium, zinc, wood, glass.


The BETOFF-BIO is suitable for any sensitive or delicate surface such as THE CAR’s bodywork, painted surfaces, GLASS and more! Non-caustic but also as strong as other caustic products for removing concrete available on the market.

Product labelled “bio” not only guarantees its organic nature and naturalness but also the exceptional safety of the agent for the environment and the cleaned space too. BETOFF-BIO dissolves hard-to-remove cement dirt from various susceptible surfaces. The organic liquid for removing construction dirt can be successfully used to clean painted objects, wooden floors, glass and aluminium modules. BETOFF-BIO, which is aggressive for unsightly concrete binder residues will not damage rubber or other elements of the house as well as the car body. Importantly, BETOFF-BIO is biodegradable, created for ecological use and user safety. The mixture of BETOFF-BIO contains only raw materials of natural, vegetable and organic origin.
It can be used for varnish, plastic, rubber, stone, stone floors and ceramics. Safe removal of concrete/cement/from sheet metal as well as delicate and painted surfaces sensitive to damage, car bodies, steel elements, plastic, rubber, aluminium, zinc, wooden floors, glass…

BETOFF-BIO is your weapon against moss and weeds!

Areas covered with moss or weeds are not often suited to be treated with chemical agents. They can damage delicate surfaces such as metal fences. However, there is an efficient way to remove weeds and moss that will ensure the safety of sensitive surfaces — BETOFF-BIO. It is not harmful due to its natural composition. Order the BETOFF-BIO, make it your domestic way to get rid of unsightly weeds and moss.


BETOFF – is a modern concrete destructor which will effectively clean construction machines, renovation tools, scaffolding, formwork, concrete mixer, paving stones, and with BETOFF-BIO also all kinds of sensitive surfaces such as glass or car paint!

The agent removes concrete from all masonry accessories. Effectively cleans trowels, discs, rasp as well as grinders and cement mixers from the persistent dirt remaining after lime, cement, adhesive and grouting mortars. It is safe to use and recommended for repeateduse. It does not damage tools, helps keep them clean and extends their service life. The fluid allows you to clean all types of construction machinery and tools from cement dirt.
It effectively washes from the residue left after lime and cement mortars, trowels, discs, concrete plants as well as vehicles transporting concrete. It is safe to use and recommended.



When cement binder and other building masses leave a mark in the form of limestone sediment or dried concrete, the appropriate products from the BETOFF family come to the aid, guaranteeing effective cleaning of scaffolding, pipes, concrete mixers, excavators, trucks, containers, mixers, milling machines, tractors, cranes, grippers, metal sheets, sheet metal, mortar residue, and even REMOVAL of dirt from paving stones…

Cleaning of concrete surfaces or building equipment after renovation has never been so easy, as the concrete remover dissolves and removes dried cement and lime during construction work. BETOFF is a modern concrete remover from the dirty paving stones, which has received positive feedback from both professionals in the building sector and outside it. The product removes dried concrete as well as fresh concrete drips and splashing from different surfaces.

The Best Features of BETOFF
How to dissolve concrete? Why is BETOFF do special? Check the operating principle and expert opinions!

Strong and effective

BETOFF fluid is a strong and effective agent for removing difficult and persistent dirt after concrete, cement, calcium and other building masses. The concentrate eliminates dirt left on construction tools and equipment.

The latest technology!

BETOFF uses the latest technology to reduce the surface tension of liquids thus obtaining the ability to wet solids and penetrate fluid particles deep into the structure of the concrete mass.
As a result of using this innovative technology the concentrate penetrates, settles and reacts from the centre of the cement mass dissolving it and changing into a soft, easily removable slurry.

This harmless mode of thinning dried cement makes BETOFF products stand out from other brands available in popular stores which do not always have agents of such an advanced composition and additionally effectively cleanse various types of surfaces from cement, lime and all types

Fast and convenient

BETOFF deprives various surfaces of concrete dirt and lime splashes quickly and effectively. It is ready to use immediately after opening. How to quickly remove dried concrete, mortar or other adhesives?
1. To clean the surface dirty with cement apply BETOFF liquid.
2. Wait 1 to 3 minutes until the liquid penetrates the dried concrete structures and begins to dissolve the unwanted binder, mortar or lime.
3. When the lumps and streaks of cement to be removed start to soften or dissolve wash them with water under pressure or simply rinse the liquid together with the dissolved concrete with a large amount of water. The remaining small lumps of dried cement binder can also be easily scraped off thanks to the effective liquid formula.

Cheaper to use
BETOFF concentrates are characterized by high efficiency. While standard agents for removing dried concrete are much more expensive to use because their efficiency per m2 is much lower our liquid will help remove building dirt at a much lower cost.
When removing dried cement 1 litre of BETOFF is enough for an area of 10 m2. No other manufacturer of measures to eliminate concrete chips and lime deposits can boast a similar performance of products to combat cement deposits.
The safest product that dissolves concrete and other building mixes on the market!
Betoff fluid is distinguished by an innovative formula and unlike other agents that remove concrete dirt it does not harm the skin and does not emit an unpleasant smell. This preparation for cleaning surfaces from dried mortar is used by both professionals from the
construction industry and amateurs who after refurbishing their own home can easily reach for this specific product to deal with the remnants of putty, lime and glue on the walls, glaze, doors or floors.
With what should I remove dried concrete? Remove concrete and cement with the product BETOFF! 3
steps in 3 minutes!
BETOFF is an accredited product for fast cleaning of concrete mixer, bucket, drills, putty, rollers, clamps etc.
BETOFF products are not only effective but also quick. The liquid is even suitable for washing concrete mixer, and the cement residue becomes removable and easy to clean. Just spray the dirty concrete surface, and within three minutes, unclean calcium and cement stains are eliminated. This is an excellent proposition for all the former clients of Castorama, Leroy Merlin, OBI, Mcentrifuge or PSB (Polish building depots). At, you can purchase effective concrete removal and other types of mortar from dirty spaces as cheap as the products available on the Internet.

The product is efficient for industrial cleaning! Grain silos, storage tanks, industrial machinery, mixers, machinery sites and other equipment — you should clean them with BETOFF-BIO!

BETOFF-BIO — safely clean wind turbine and domestic micro wind turbines at your fingertips!

The BETOFF-BIO is a product you can use to clean sensitive surfaces. If you need to clean your domestic wind micro-installation or if you need a wind turbine cleaner, it’s perfect! Mini power plants require professional maintenance that not only cleans the plant but also will not damage any parts of it. As taking care of such small power plants is extremely important for their daily operation, high quality measures must be taken. The BETOFF-BIO series is a key solution that helps you to safely take care of all your wind generators.

Wind turbines, windmills and Betoff Bio, how to take care of your domestic wind power station.
You are thinking about how to take care and protect your energy windmills? It is obvious that no wind turbine can function properly without well-selected maintenance. Cleaning wind generators is not the easiest and requires professional means that ensure their cleanliness and do not affect their performance.
As more and more people are installing domestic wind power to generate energy for their homes, measures are also needed to remove any dirt from such facilities. If you are looking for a specialized and environmentally friendly cleaner for equipment such as wind turbines, vertical windmills, small domestic wind turbines or other wind micro-installations, try to use BETOFF-BIO The professional, environmentally friendly and safe product BETOFF-BIO for wind farms can remove all kinds of pollution that may affect wind generators. It allows you to clean your domestic wind turbines and wind farms thoroughly and safely.
Every manufacturer and owner of a wind power plant must clean and protect their turbines properly.
Domestic windmill or mini wind power station is the perfect green choice for you and the environment.
Therefore, you should clean your domestic wind with eco-friendly product. Choosing the right cleaner for wind micro-installations is essential. Because of its natural composition, BETOFF-BIO is safe to be used for any types of wind energy. We recommend you to use it.
Wind Power plants – safely clean fans and wind turbines with BETOFF-BIO!
Whether you are looking for a cleaning agent for domestic wind power plants or for maintenance of wind turbine farms, it is worth remembering that they require special treatment. In to keep the turbine’s flawless and to ensure its long and correct operation, you should choose a product that not only cleans perfectly, but it also maintains the turbine itself in perfect order. Facilities such as domestic wind power plants, wind micro-installations and local wind farms require excellent cleaning products. If you’re using wind power and wondering which formula for cleaning windmills is the best, you should try BETOFF-BIO. Take care of the environment conscious not only by using wind power plants, but also by choosing a product with a natural composition that doesn’t harm our planet. BETOFF-BIO satisfies both of these conditions. Its content is safe for both the environment, and the wind micro-installation itself. In addition, BETOFF effectively removes pollution from electric windmills, wind generators and wind turbines.

Choose the best concrete remover

BETOFF — a strong, fast and safe product for removing heavy and permanent concrete dirt!
If the products available in construction warehouses do not meet your expectations it is worth standing against the dried cement with BETOFF liquids. Sold in two variants, standard and bio, limestone cleaners and grinding concrete give the user a full satisfaction guarantee.
Unesthetic lumps of masonry mortar will disappear from dirty surfaces once and for all and the problem:
“How to clean old concrete from the floor” will also no longer bother You.

Performance, economy and the prospect of cement-free interiors are the advantages of BETOFF products which if you plan renovation it is worth buying today. – Professional removal of concrete, plaster, lime, masonry mortar. We have the best opinions from our experts, the lowest prices. Not sure where to buy it? Below our details:
BETOFF – a line of professional preparations for removing concrete. What we offer?
The BETOFF line is a series of excellent imported products dedicated to cleaning various surfaces from cement, concrete residues, lime blots as well as gypsum and rust stains. Liquids deconstructing various
types of masonry masses are great even during extremely tedious cleaning works at construction sites, after renovations, after laying paving stones or transporting building materials. Thanks to BETOFF concentrates cleaning metal sheets, concrete mixers, metal surfaces from old concrete, washing cobblestones, tools and machines, removing cement deposits from glass, plastics, foundry moulds and even formwork or scaffolding has never been so easy.

Betoff – a concrete destructor – how does it work?

This ultra-modern solvent for hardened concrete and other non-repair dirt which has received many positive reviews among professionals and amateurs of masonry and renovation works is extremely easy to use. How does it work? Quick and effective. The liquid is not toxic – it is produced in the form of an emerald-coloured liquid, it is odourless and soluble in water. Conlix products have a high ability to penetrate the structure of cement dirt, act from the centre of mass dissolving it and changing into an easy-to-remove consistency. Just spray the lumps with one of three versions of our concrete destructor, wait 3 minutes and then rinse everything with water. Sometimes, however, actions need to be repeated.
BETOFF – concrete remover – concrete remover – an effective solution
When dirt accumulates on construction sites and in renovated spaces a really effective solution must be reached. Because cement blots, calcareous deposits, gypsum stains disfigure floors, frames, windows, furniture, machines, tools, cars and even clothes, Conlix fluid manufacturers have thought about the universal purpose of their products. First you need to thoroughly clean from the still fresh dirt utensils that were used during renovation or other construction activities, then usually clean the house and bypass. We wash splashes from glass, tiles, terracotta, doors and floors. When the floors in the house are already clean you need to take care of the cobblestones (and its cleaning) and fences. Conlix fluid will be a superhero everywhere! Some items (varnished surfaces, precious stones, plastics, etc.) require special gentleness during cleaning in which case Betoff-Bio must be chosen.

BETOFF – how to remove dried concrete from different surfaces?

The liquid is sold in three volumes (1 litre, 5 litres and 20 litres) and in three varieties effective in various situations. The standard version is a fluid intended for removing concrete residues from paving, roofing and masonry tools and machines. Thanks to it, accessories such as putties, trowels, floats and machines (e.g. mixers, milling machines, grippers) can save their users for many months or even years. Although the basic version is safe due to the composition, we recommend Betoff-Bio for delicate surfaces. The product in this variety safely and effectively cleanses car varnish, plastics, enamel surfaces, glaze or precious cobblestones from dried concrete residues, tarnish, splashes and congested building masses.
The sprayer available with litre packaging makes it easy to clean small areas of mortar residues. The third
– economical version of the preparation, i.e. BETOFF-X, is a liquid that removes cement dirt from cobblestones, scaffoldings, pipes, tin and even concrete mixers.
Professional maintenance of wind generators – how to clean wind micro-installations with BETOFF-BIO?
Using a domestic windmill is an environmentally friendly way to generate energy, which is becoming increasingly popular. The impact of conventional energy sources on the environment is becoming more and more evident, and domestic wind farms are a safe and effective solution! However, the domestic windmills need to be serviced efficiently in order to enable them to work properly. Professional maintenance of wind generators is possible with environmentally-friendly and completely safe cleaning products such as BETOFF-BIO! This version is designed to clean sensitive surfaces that can easily be damaged during the process of cleaning. It can be used to clean the most problematic surfaces. Try the BETOFF-BIO for cleaning.


BETOFF-BIO for industrial sites too!
BETOFF-BIO is ideal for all kinds of DIRT and is safe to use on sensitive surfaces. Every industrial site
generates countless dirt that is not easy to remove every day. No matter how serious it is, the BETOFF-BIO
product is the right cleaner for any type of industrial machines. The removal of debris from storage tanks,
silos in production and agricultural plants, mills, filters and any industrial installation is possible with the
BETOFF-BIO product.
BETOFF – reliable in fighting moss and weeds.
Our products are ideal for concrete, mortar and cement stains. What else does BETOFF do? BETOFF and
BETOFF-BIO are also a good choice for fighting moss and weed on a variety of surfaces. Your cobblestone
doesn’t look as good as it used to be? After a certain period of use, weeds and will start to appear on the
field, due to various environmental factors. Get rid of them quickly and safely with BETOFF. How do I
remove them on sensitive car parts? The solution is BETOFF-BIO. You’ll easily remove organic dirt without
worrying about damaging the sensitive surface. There are many products available for removing moss and
weeds in Castorama, Leroy Merlin and OBI shops. But it’s BETOFF that delivers incredible products. When
you order products at, you avoid finding yourself being stuck in a busy shop and a
product for removing weeds and moss agent will be delivered to your door!

Durable cleaning of sensitive surfaces – effective cleaning of wind turbines – Betoff Bio!

Wind micro turbine allows us to deliver energy without negative environmental consequences. This green solution is becoming more and more popular. Electric turbines have been installed in many European gardens. However, they require professional, appropriate maintenance. For this reason, you should use professional cleaning agents such as Betoff Bio for the sensitive surfaces. With the Betoff Bio eco-design, you can clean garden turbines without worrying about damaging them. In addition, these products are not harmful to the environment and the power from renewable air energy is part of the eco-philosophy. Bio products from Betoff to clean delicate surfaces from dirt will guarantee you the necessary maintenance of the air turbines and remove any dirt.
The industrial hob is the place for Betoff Bio!

The basis for productivity and safety in production is to keep the tools used clean. Machines in all types of industrial hobs and production facilities are made of materials sensitive to strong chemicals. The Betoff Bio guarantees safe cleaning of your industrial machinery and tools. Even the most delicate surfaces that require special treatment are safe when using Betoff Bio, which not only perfectly removes dirt, but also ensures that the surface is kept intact. Natural composition of the product makes it ideal for cleaning tanks, silos, and a variety of products which need high levels of cleaning as food and pharmaceutical industries.

BETOFF – competitive prices of preparations for removing concrete
There are many liquids for dissolving cement sediments on the market, their prices are high. However, we should remember that when deciding on one or another purchase, we should first consider the safety of the cleaned equipment and the environment, secondly the descaling properties, thirdly the performance at low concentrations and ease of rinsing. The product in a 1-litre bottle costs only £15.00 (BETOFF standard) in our Store and the organic version with a spray bottle £25.00. The latter is extremely effective and lasts for a very long time. However, for major renovations, it is recommended to purchase 5-litre and 20-litre containers at prices corresponding to the product quality: 5 litres of standard BETOFF 59 pounds, BETOFF-Bio 49 pounds. Prices of fluid in 20-litre containers range from 110 (BETOFF standard) to 920 (Bio version).
Buying our preparations, the customer does not pay for shipment but gains a guarantee of effectiveness, satisfaction with the effect and safety.
BETOFF – professionals use such a concrete destructor – check the opinions!
BETOFF is an ally in cleaning not only construction or roofing equipment (it will wash the remnants of concrete from such utensils as: vials, trowels, masonry angles, cuvettes, patches, mixers, knives, blades, floats, brushes, chisels, centre punches, scrapers, putty knives, hammers, discs, buckets and other items) but also tools used when laying paving stones (grippers, tongs, tool post). Conlix fluid manufacturers ensure that bio-concentrates are also great for cleaning cement dirt on car bodies, power tools and cabs.
For cleaning excavators, tow trucks, dump trucks, presses, levelling, ramps, elevators as well as scaffolding, rammers and all equipment intended for plastering and paving works (excluding the delicate parts of these machines which we clean with “bio” fluid), You can use BETOFF-X.

BETOFF – a concrete preparation for professionals
For construction companies, factories renting equipment or cars for construction works or owners of companies laying paving stones, concentrates for dissolving concrete is a guarantee of immediate help in eliminating even hard, dried binder of each mix. BETOFF preparations deconstruct cement dirt by penetrating dry masses and breaking their structures. The concrete dissolves without the use of very aggressive compounds and cleaning surfaces from masonry splashes and even rust is really effective.
BETOFF products are highly rated as concrete dissolving agents and useful in cleaning not only cars and
construction and roofing machines (bending machines, grooving machines) but also hand-made paving
devices or more complicated equipment used when laying cubes and curbs (grippers, stackers).
BETOFF – concrete dissolution for amateurs
For many people bricklayers and renovations are not only an opportunity to save on a costly service but also a chance to come true in life. Men renovating garages, filling walls or laying floors themselves feel the masters of the situation. Unfortunately, in the apartment, on the cobblestones and even on the car body there is often a trace of their hobby. However, this is not a reason to give up it, because you can clean all the cement-soiled spaces in the house, tiles and also the car body with BETOFF liquids. It is worth paying attention to delicate chrome or varnished surfaces as well as valuable tools and buying ecological BETOFF-Bio. Concentrates for washing stains from lime, mortar and hard concrete lumps will even clean cement stains from the car that the house master transporter building materials. Conlix fluid is perfect for bringing order to a space dirty with cement by a self-satisfied amateur of all kinds of works.

Where to buy BETOFF and how to order it?

Of course, a wide range of cleaning liquids for concrete can be found, for example, on the shelves of DIY shops. However, the easiest way to do shopping is at the BETOFF online Store and you can quickly buy effective concentrates at a reasonable price without paying for the package. The store’s offer includes mortar solvents in basic, reinforced and ecological variants. Cement removal fluids can be purchased in three volumes (1 litre, 5 and 20 litres). It is worth visiting the Betoff website, familiarizing yourself with the offer of concrete constructors, choosing, paying and waiting for delivery. The buyer in the store can be an adult who has full legal capacity to conclude contracts for the purchase of goods and services. Registration in the store is voluntary and free.

Order can be placed around the clock.

Get Free Shipping on all orders and free returns to our UK returns centre!

Get Free Shipping on all orders over $75 and free returns to our UK returns centre! Items are dispatched from the US and will arrive in 5-8 days
We pay these fees so you don’t have to! The total billed at checkout is the final amount you pay, inclusive of TAXIES, with no additional charges at the time of delivery!
Buy the concrete removal BETOFF just now and solve the problem of dried concrete, cement and lime!


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