Oil stains on paving stones, how to get rid of them?

Oil stains on paving stones, how to get rid of them? Engine oil on the driveway or oil after successful
grilling on cobblestones look very unsightly, and their removal is not an easy task. A fresh stain treated
with detergent and a strong stream of water may disappear without leaving discolouration on the concrete.
However, the resistant and old oil stains on the cobblestones prove to be quite a challenge.

Oil stains on paving stones. Why they are so troublesome?

The essential problem with engine oil stains on your driveway is how quickly they spread. With just a few
drops of oil on the porous surface of the paving stone, the stain grows in size very quickly. Experts say
that a few drops of engine oil on the driveway quickly occupy the area as big as the size of an A4 sheet. A
stain that grows so quickly becomes a big problem, especially when it goes unnoticed. Engine oil
penetrates deeply into the structure of paving stones, so the older the stain, the greater becomes the
problems with its removal. A few drops in the driveway are easy to be overlooked, but a large stain is
harder to be ignored. The later the reaction to the resulting dirt, the more difficult it is to get rid of it without
damaging the surface that we want to clean.
Oil stains on cobblestones— the most common method of removing oil stains on cobblestones
Engine oil stains on the driveway are very bothersome and common. The most popular methods of
removing dirt are:
Removing oil stains with a mild detergent—this very often used method involves the use of a mild agent,
e.g. dishwashing liquid and a strong stream of water, it is efficient only in the case of fresh dirt on
concrete, in the case of older oil stains it is completely ineffective, removing oil stains with a gas burner—treating an unsightly stain on a paving stone with a gas burner allows you to get rid of the dirt, but it can be harmful to the paving stone, the gas burner usually discolours the concrete, and the method requires a lot of practice and taking precautions, removing stains from oil with strong chemicals—specialized fluids for removing dirt on concrete surfaces allow you to effectively get rid of the unpleasant oil stains on cobblestones, however, due to their strong effect, they may discolour the treated surface, and at the same time are inconvenient to use and may have a negative impact on the respiratory tract, skin or eyes, the use of such strong cleaning agents requires too much care.

Oil stains on paving stones
Oil stains

Oil stains on paving stones

Oil stains on paving stones—An effective and safe method of removing oil stains on paving stones
Commonly used methods may cause so many side effects, such as discolouration of the cleaned surface.
Milder methods do not work as expected with older dirt. Ecological products for removing oil stains on
concrete surfaces is the best way to get rid of resistant dirt on paving stones. Betoff-Bio is a revolutionary
product: it effectively and quickly removes oil stains on the driveway, and at the same time gentle to the
surface that we want to clean and friendly to our health and the environment. The strength of natural plant
extracts is perfect for removing engine oil stains on the driveway, without harming your health, the
environment and the treated surface. The strength of an endemic plant contained in the concentrated
formula of the product is the best method for quick, safe and effective removal of even the oldest oil dirt on
paving stones.

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