Concrete nightmare, or how to fight cement deposits. Products for dissolving concrete

Products for dissolving concrete. You have either built a house or renovated a flat. Why are you not happy? Concrete dirt, lime stains and cement clumps stuck to floors, windows and even car paint give you a headache. Do not wait for a
miracle, choose the right product to cleanse all masonry dirt. Wash off lime and construction mixture
residues from windows and doors. Also, clean tools, machines, and the car that you accidentally splashed
it with mortar. BETOFF products for dissolving concrete provide effective help in washing away resistant
concrete dirt.

Concrete removal fluid — worried about damage

Are you afraid that solvents can damage your door frames, window frames and marble structure? If you
choose BETOFF products, your worries are unnecessary. Our products remove masonry dirt, by penetrating
the dried masses and breaking their structures. The dissolution of concrete takes place without the use of
acids or other aggressive compounds, and cleaning the surface from masonry splashes or even rust is
really effective. For painted surfaces which are liable to damage, plastic, aluminium or rubber, we
recommend the bio product for removing concrete, including a handy litter container of liquid with a spray,
which perfectly removes dirt in hard-to-reach areas.

Products for dissolving concrete — where to get it?

The possibilities are so many you can acquire them from the construction warehouses such as OBI,
Castorama or Bauhaus — you can buy concrete dissolving agents anywhere there.
However, it is worth visiting our website, because shopping in the BETOFF store is safe and simple, and the
products have a positive opinion and can be bought at a reasonable price, without paying for shipping.
The store’s offer includes concrete-removers in the basic variant, bio- and BETOFF-X liquids. Cement
cleaning fluids are available in three sizes: one litre, five litres and twenty litres.
Products for dissolving concrete BETOFF-BIO Liquids for cleaning concrete lumps — offer
Of course, it is worth considering what we mainly need to clean, because floor panels need a certain
liquid, polbruk pavement needs other liquid, and another again is needed for glass or glaze to remove
concrete dirt. To remove mortar lumps which are often attached to tools, machines and car paint. It is
therefore worth buying an efficient product and dedicated to a specific type of dirty surface. After a major
renovation, we recommend that you buy liquids in sizes of 5 and 20 litres. You can clean tools and

Vulnerable surfaces at home by using such products. BETOFF-bio liquid will be perfect for cleaning the
– rubber
– plastic
– glasses
– aluminium
– chromium
– marble
– varnished plastics

Products for dissolving concrete
Products for dissolving concrete on the construction site

Products for dissolving concrete. Cleaning concrete surfaces—step by step?

It is enough to spray small concrete layers with the liquid equipped with a handy sprayer. Difficult and
dried concrete layers will require more intensive action and possibly several applications of the product.
After spraying concrete dirt, it is enough to wait 3 minutes, to enable the liquid to penetrate into the dried
mass and dissolve its structures centrifugally. Then the soft cement mixture is easily removed with water.
Windows, doors in your new home will shine and be clean from now on!
If you want to get rid of fossilized lime and concrete dirt, call +49 151 – 41875667 or write to

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