Concrete cleaning

Concrete cleaning is not an easy task, but with Betoff and Betoff-Bio liquids you will surely manage to
make it easy. Clean safely and effectively all concrete surfaces, start with the least toxic cleaner Conlix or
Betoff-Bio and increase the amount of the product on the dirty surface as needed. Here’s how to clean
concrete surfaces using Betoff and Betoff-Bio fluids, a pressure washer and other tools.

The first thing about cleaning concrete? You don’t have to be too gentle. After all, it is a very hard material.
Concrete cleaning. Basic information on cleaning concrete
Outdoor concrete cleaning: you can rent a pressure washer to use together with a biodegradable
detergent. Such a detergent can be the Betoff-Bio liquid for removing both the concrete and the dirt on it.
Indoor concrete cleaning: we need a bucket, scrub brush and Betoff-Bio liquid. Hydrogen peroxide or
ammonia also act well.
The bad news for the picky homeowner is that concrete is a porous material with countless tiny voids that
can accumulate dirt, mould, and all kinds of deep, resistant stains.
Concrete cleaning. How to clean concrete with a pressure washer?
You can and should apply this popular detergent directly to difficult areas and scrub with a bristle brush
(not a wire). The ideal liquid for cleaning concrete is Betoff and Betoff-Bio liquid available on our website
You probably already have your first attempt to remove oil from concrete around you. Here is the opinion
of one known customer who had a problem with an oil stained garage floor. “I once tried to clean the
concrete garage floor that had been subject to leaking oil sumps and gears for years. Mechanical cleaning
did not solve the problem. It helped a little, but in the end, it did help the Betoff fluid, which easily removed
the oil. Finally, I washed off the liquid and oil with a pressure washer. Since then, I have been using only
Betoff or Betoff-Bio liquids.”
Concrete cleaning with Betoff – Bio
Heavy-duty cleaning of concrete surfaces
Muriatic acid is efficient on dirty concrete (and can also be very useful in cleaning excess smears from
dried mortar and grout, or when trying to soften tough rust stains).
However, keep in mind that you should be especially careful with this acid. It’s better not to use it unless
you really need it. If you must use it, be sure to wear protective clothing and always follow the
manufacturer’s instructions for dilution. When diluting the acid, an adverse reaction may occur, as a result
of which you may be severely burned.
Prevention of stains on concrete
It is good to put on anti-staining agents. Concrete impregnation is a reliable option to avoid stains. Choose
a transparent hydrophobic silane or siloxane-based sealant and apply the product using a sprayer or
roller. The solvent’s waterproof will not affect the appearance or adhesion of the concrete surface.
If the surface has been stained and you feel that you cannot use any other method, try the Betoff-Bio
concrete cleaner! This agent not only removes resistant dirt, but is also safe for delicate and extremely
sensitive surfaces.

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