Cleaning of formwork only with Betoff-Bio.

Cleaning of formwork only with Betoff-Bio. Formworks, i.e. temporary structures, are perfect for
construction works. Ceiling formwork, wall formwork, construction formwork, board formwork, metal

formwork, OSB board formwork ensures the correct shape of the concrete and prevent it from spilling
beyond the limited area dedicated for it.
The formwork acts very well in construction works and therefore various types of formwork are used:
– formworks for excavations
– ceiling formworks
– construction formworks
– foundation formworks
– fencing formworks
– system formworks
The system formwork, cylindrical formwork which have been created or ready-made formwork for the
ceiling, they hold and support the steel until the concrete gets to solidify and harden enough. The
Formwork is a very effective tool for accurate concrete screeds; however, they require the use of a
formwork fluid.

Cleaning of formwork. How to choose the formwork?

Temporary structures which are used at the construction site can be made individually, buy system
formwork or choose the increasingly popular formwork rental service. It all depends on your investment
and how often you will use this formwork. In the case of a one-off investment, such as building a house, it
is worth using the convenient alternative — renting a using this way you can save not only
time, but also money. Making the formwork yourself is very time-consuming, so it is worth trying the
advantageous rental option. The same applies to system formwork, it is an economical solution. System
formwork is very precisely made and often the cost of renting them is much lower than the cost of buying
wooden boards and the labour needed to make it. Therefore, it is worth checking the rental option by
looking for such words such as London formwork, Birmigham formwork or Brighton formwork on the
Internet. Renting system formworks may also be beneficial in the case of multiple investments.
Cleaning of formwork.

Anti-adhesive products — how they work?

The Formwork is one of the most popular temporary building structures. Various types are used, such as
fencing formworks, excavation formworks, light formworks, ready-made formworks for posts. In this type of
structures, it is recommended to use anti-adhesive products that are designed to separate the formwork
from the hardened concrete. These types of fluids guarantee easy spreading of the concrete and ensure
the desired shape of the mould. The appropriate type of release agent prevents the concrete from sticking
to the formwork. There are two types of anti-adhesive fluids: chemically active, and they form a protective
layer between the concrete and the formwork. When choosing a product, it is worth paying attention to
how it functions.
Experts recommend choosing chemically active release agents. Due to the fatty acid content, these types
of product cause less discolouration and stains on the concrete. The agents that form protective
membrane are likely to cause a permanent discolouration, so professionals recommend the use of
chemically active anti-adhesive products. Specialists emphasize that apart from choosing the right agent,
the proportions are also important. Using too much of a product, even if based on fatty acids, can also
cause discolouration and stains on the concrete surface. If you forget your release agent, you may have a
problem with cleaning the formwork. It is in such situations that Betoff – Bio, an ecological concrete cleaner,
becomes irreplaceable.

Conlix Bio — when you forget about anti-adhesive agents

The formwork enables you to pour concrete accurately, and temporary formworks, facilitate renovation
and construction tasks very much. There are a lot of companies on the market that produce and rent
formworks. The most famous are:
– Peri formwork
– acre formwork
– Copras formwork
– dock formwork
– XPS formwork
– palisander formwork

The formwork allows for precise pouring of concrete and that is why it is so often used. Wood formworks
are the most commonly used, but OSB board formwork or ready-made formwork are also used. The
precise screed can be obtained thanks to the use of formworks, but many people forget about the use of
anti-adhesive liquid. Cleaning concrete formworks is not an easy task and many concrete removers on the
market are based on acids. Betoff – Bio is the best solution, it cleans formworks quickly and effectively, and
at the same time it is based on natural plant extracts, therefore it is safe to be used and environmentally
friendly. Only with Betoff – Bio you can forget about the release agent, because cleaning the formwork with
our concrete remover is quick and safe.
Betoff – Bio- quick cleaning of concrete formworks, without anti-adhesive agents release agents are
essential for the cleaning and maintenance of the formworks as they prevent the concrete from sticking to
them and ensure the desired shape. Experts from companies involved in the production and rental of
formworks recommend the use of appropriate anti-adhesive agents. Cleaning concrete formworks is a
time-consuming activity and usually requires the use of strong products containing harmful acids.
Betoff – Bio is the perfect solution when you forget to use the anti-adhesive liquid and wonder how to clean
the ceiling formwork, OSB board formwork, and foundation formwork. Betoff – Bio is an innovative formwork
cleaning agent that removes dried concrete, quickly and effectively even without the use of a release
agent. The formula based on the extracts of an endemic plant removes even old concrete from the
formwork, and at the same time it is safe to use, does not irritate the respiratory system and is completely
biodegradable. Betoff – Bio is the best alternative if you do not use a formwork release agent, especially if it
is a rented formwork. Knowing how much the formwork costs, it is worth using an anti-adhesive agent, and
if you happen to use the formwork without the use of an appropriate anti-adhesive product, then the
effective concrete remover—Betoff – Bio is the solution.

Cleaning of formwork

Cleaning of formwork Betoff – Bio

Cleaning of formwork without using a release agent—Betoff – Bio
Our eco-friendly concrete remover is perfect for cleaning formworks. Thanks to the innovative Betoff – Bio
formula, it is possible to remove concrete from the formwork effectively, even without the use of anti-
adhesive fluid. The highly concentrated and environmentally safe concrete remover effectively cleans
OSB board formworks, wooden formworks, ceiling formworks, already made formworks and system
formworks. Thanks to Betoff – Bio, you no longer have to wonder how to clean the formwork or what
release agent to use.
Our effective and ecological formwork cleaning agent will enable you to focus on important issues related
to the construction: how to make concrete stairs, how to make a formwork, when to remove it, how much
is the formwork, how much wood is needed for the formwork, is OSB board suitable for the formwork? You
can focus on having precise screeds and cleaning the formwork will not worry you, even if you forget to
use the release agent. Betoff – Bio is excellent at removing concrete from formworks without harmful acids
and other strong substances. With Betoff – Bio you don’t have to remember about release agents or wonder

How to clean the formwork. Check how quickly and effectively Betoff – Bio removes concrete from

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