Cleaning formworks. When to remove concrete formworks?

Cleaning formworks with the innovative Betoff fluids saves you time and money. However, before
cleaning the formwork, it must be removed. Moulds should not be removed until the concrete has
hardened enough to be able to support any loads that can be exposed to.
The support period (the period that has to elapse from the time when the concrete is poured in the mould
and when is removed from it). This period varies according to the type of cement used and the type of the
formwork. As a rule, load-bearing structures should not be removed until 7 days, and wooden ones 28
days from the day of the concrete laying.


Under no circumstances shall the mould be removed until the concrete has gained strength of at least
twice the strength to which the concrete initially used to have during the application
The strength in question is the strength of the concrete using the same cement and aggregates, in the
same proportions, and hardened in temperature and humidity conditions similar to those in the area.
Where it is possible, the formwork should be left for longer time to enable the concrete to harden better.
Under normal circumstances (generally when the temperature exceeds 20°C) and when ordinary cement
is used, the moulds may be removed after different periods.\
Form type Removal period
Walls, columns and vertical sides of beams 24 to 48 hours, as decided by the chief engineer.
Plates (supports left beneath) Three days
Soffits of beams (left supports) 7 days
Removal of board supports (span to 4.5 m) 7 days
Removal of board supports (over 4.5 m long) 14 days
Removal of supports for beams and arches (span up to 6 m) 14 days
Removal of supports for beams and arches (longer than 6 m) 21 days
For quick curing cement, 3/7 of the above period will be sufficient in all cases, except for the vertical sides
of the boards, beams and columns which must be left for 24 hours.
All formwork must be removed without hitting or causing vibration as this could damage the reinforced
concrete. Before removing the floor and spacers, the concrete surface should be exposed, if necessary, to
ensure that the concrete has cured sufficiently. Precautions should be taken to reduce the degree of
hardening that will happen to all components on cold days.
cleaning formworks Conlix bio


Concrete formwork is very susceptible to cement dirt and should be cleaned with professional agents
created for this purpose. Most formwork cleaning fluids are those used when removing concrete from
concrete trucks or machines. They are mainly used in the construction of roads, residential buildings and
other facilities. Until recently, there was not much choice on the market. All the concrete removal fluids
were very similar in composition and efficiency. However, as in every industry, innovative solutions have
appeared in the chemicals for the construction industry that has made work much easier. In the case of
concrete removal fluids, such an innovation is undoubtedly the Betoff liquid and its biodegradable Betoff-
Bio variant.

Cleaning formworks


The innovation in the case of Betoff and Betoff-Bio liquids is the fact that they do not burn during
application, do not irritate the respiratory tract and are three times stronger than other liquids available on

the market (Betoff). As for Betoff-Bio, it is a plant-based fluid that perfectly dissolves fresh concrete
stains. It dissolves oil, grease, lime and cement dirt from any surface.

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