Betoff, choose the right concrete remover

Choose the right concrete remover. Time is passing and you still haven’t decided to renovate your house, even though it needs to be renovated. Are you worried about the thought of cleaning concrete dirt, washing away lime streaks and
removing cement dust? Stop thinking about it and choose the right agent to dissolve both concrete lumps
and stains from masonry mixtures. Remove lime and mortar residues from tools and machines, as well as

From paint of your car that has been used to transport putty and cement. Betoff products ensure effective
help in cleaning even hard, dried concrete. Choose the right concrete remover!
Concrete removers. They dissolve cement, but what about safety?
Don’t be afraid of concrete solvents, but select them wisely. A lot of products available for sales in popular
construction warehouses contain acids that are harmful to the health, the environment, and the treated
surfaces that need the cement to be removed. Some concrete-removers are made for specific purposes
and do not clean everything. Some remove mortar, others only lime and rust. Betoff products, especially
those which belong to the bio line, are very safe, and their composition, free from harmful organic
compounds, allows the use of the liquid on delicate surfaces made of plastic, aluminium, rubber or

Concrete remover fluids — where to buy them?

A frequent problem appears to the users namely is the reluctance to go shopping in Castorama, Bauhaus
or any other warehouse where you can buy concrete solvents. You live far away or you just don’t want to
use your own car to transport mortars and thinners. Order building materials and cleaning fluids online. If
you are not satisfied with the OLX offers, go to our website and select the appropriate product. Our
specialized liquids are very popular, they have a reasonable price and their shipping is free.

Concrete remover Betoff bio

Concrete remover. Concrete dissolving liquids — which one to choose
It is known that wooden floors require a different treatment during cleaning, paving stones and glazing
need a different treatment too. Very often concrete lumps can be found glued on the construction tools,
car paint, and entire layers of dried mortar may be found in the concrete mixer. Therefore, it is worth
buying efficient products, which have been made specially to treat such dirty surfaces. In the case of a
major renovation, you need to have containers of 5 or 20 litres, for an ordinary renovation, a smaller size
is enough. Betoff liquid is perfect for cleaning:
– spade
– trowel
– files and discs
– putties
– cutters
– grinders
– concrete hubs
– vehicles for transporting mixtures of cement
– while the liquid in the organic version is recommended for such surfaces
– rubber
– plastic
– glass
– aluminium
– chrome coated surfaces
– stone
– varnished surfaces.

choose the right concrete remover

Products which remove concrete dirt — how to use them?

In case of ordinary contamination with cement, it is enough to spray the problematic area with a liquid
equipped with a handy sprayer. In case of intense contamination, the dried concrete layers may require
the treatment to be repeated several times. Usually, after spraying the unwanted dried cement, it is
enough to wait 3 minutes to enable the liquid to penetrate the structures of the dried masonry masses and
smashes their binder centrifugally the dissolved cement can be easily washed off with water. If you want

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