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Betoff, choose the right concrete remover

Choose the right concrete remover. Time is passing and you still haven’t decided to renovate your house, even though it needs to be renovated. Are you worried about the thought of cleaning concrete dirt, washing away lime streaks andremoving cement dust? Stop thinking about it and choose the right agent to dissolve both concrete lumpsand […]

Removing the cement curtain with Betoff-Bio liquid!

Removing the cement curtain. Cement curtain is heavy sediment that remains after placing the tiles andsealing them with cement mortar. It is a very thin layer of mortar that remains on the tiles. A cementcurtain can ruin newly placed tiles and getting rid them can be difficult.For removing the cement curtain. Safety equipment is neededIt […]

Cleaning paving stones from oil

Discover the way for effective cleaning of paving stones from oil. A weekend spent with family and friends,aromatic and tasty grilled dishes usually leave beautiful memories. Unfortunately, grilling in the garden canalso leave greasy stains of oil on the cobblestones. Greasy stains from grilled food or engine oil onconcrete look very unsightly on paving stones, […]

Tips for preventing surface voids in concrete.

Tips for preventing surface voids in concrete. Several problems can arise during the process of concretelaying When using concrete, we expect the surface to be perfectly smooth, with no surface voids.Unfortunately, this problem is one of the main problems in the sector of prefabricated concrete. Holes andair bubbles defined as voids, are small holes that […]

How to get rid of discolouration on a concrete surface?

How to get rid of discolouration on a concrete surface? Especially in the hot season, the phenolic resincoating is exposed to intense sunlight, which can leave a brown colour on the concrete surface. Thisundesirable problem can be minimized or even prevented.Have you seen the discolouration? This brown — sometimes curved — discoloration that appears on […]

Cleaning formworks. When to remove concrete formworks?

Cleaning formworks with the innovative Betoff fluids saves you time and money. However, beforecleaning the formwork, it must be removed. Moulds should not be removed until the concrete hashardened enough to be able to support any loads that can be exposed to.The support period (the period that has to elapse from the time when the […]

History of concrete. How it was produced and cleaned!

The history of concrete is very interesting. It shows the perseverance of a person in pursuing a goal andteaches humility. Thanks to its use in strong, modern constructions, concrete cannot be considered aminor building material. This substance has a rich past. The fact that in the days of ancient Rome nocement trucks were in circulation […]

Oil stains on paving stones, how to get rid of them?

Oil stains on paving stones, how to get rid of them? Engine oil on the driveway or oil after successfulgrilling on cobblestones look very unsightly, and their removal is not an easy task. A fresh stain treatedwith detergent and a strong stream of water may disappear without leaving discolouration on the concrete.However, the resistant and […]