These regulations state the conditions for doing
shopping in the online store

The seller is Innovachem Krystian Grzyb z
based in Warsaw at ul. Sarmacka 21/8
(NIP 762-176-43-06).

Orders can be placed in the online store
submit 24 hours a day and register here
The shop is completely free and voluntary. In the store
orders can be made online at
only by adults who have full
legal capacity to enter into contracts
agreement on the purchase of goods and services.

The information given on the store’s website is not
constitute offers in the sense referred to in the Civil Code.
Placing an order is treated as an offer to buy
selected goods on the terms set out in
Product description.

Order is confirmed via e-mail
Seller by sending a message via email
electronic. The order is processed after
record the payment for the goods specified in

The goods are sent to the address specified in the order
Buyer within 2-3 business days from date
send the payment to the seller’s account.

The products offered in the online store are legal
introduced to the Polish market, completely new and
free from legal and physical defects