Garage dirty with concrete — which liquid will clean it? Concrete dissolving agent

Concrete dissolving agent. Are you proud of your new garage? Unfortunately, there is a lot of concrete dirt and limescale on the floor, entrance gate and even the car. Eliminate this problem — clean glass surfaces, doors, and the car body with BETOFF – concrete dissolving agent. Remove cement from both delicate chrome-plated or varnished
surfaces, and from tools. Solvents for removing lime, mortar and hard concrete deposits will also clean the
professional equipment you used for renovation (trowels, power trowels, discs, concrete mixer).
Concrete dissolving agent. Fluid for special tasks — do we remove concrete from the construction
Well, first it took you a lot of time to build or renovate your garage and now it’s time to clean up. Washing a
concrete mixer, grinder, washing concrete stains from the car that has been used to transport building
materials are impossible? Not true — BETOFF will dissolve even dried concrete, so let’s do it! Dry cement
layers from cobblestones and machines can be washed off with the BETOFF product, which is available in
three sizes (one, five or twenty litres). BETOFF fluid is perfect for cleaning tools such as: a trowel, float,
rasps, cutters, files, discs or grinders.
Betoff – The best concrete dissolving agent in the world!

Concrete dissolving agent

Concrete removers — where to find them?

Certainly, in hardware stores such as Leroy Merlin or Castorama. The internet will also assist you (Allegro
services). It is also worth visiting the page with extremely effective BETOFF products. These fluids are very
popular, and an additional advantage of these products is the free delivery of your home. The products do
not contain acids, so you can safely use them to remove masonry splashes from aluminium parts of the
car, from fibreglass, as well as rubber and painted surfaces. Also, you can clean the trowels, floats, discs
and fillers from cement mixtures. For them and for a concrete mixer or grinder, use BETOFF-X fluid.

A concrete dissolving agent—how to use it safely?

When the dirt in the garage on the equipment is minor you can, for example, spray the mortar with the
liquid, its container is equipped with an atomizer. You will probably need to sprinkle the liquid on the thick,
dry layers of the cement several times. You have to wait about 3 minutes to enable the product to act,
then simply wash off the dirt with water. The liquid penetrates the dried concrete layers and then dissolves
them effectively by acting centrifugally. If you want to get rid of concrete lumps, lime, plaster or rust from
the garage, equipment and car, call +49 0151 – 41875667 or write to

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